About Us

Est. 1995.
Our vision and mission is to provide a perfected service for our customer, and to be environmentally friendly.
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, Halal

Founded in 1995, we are a nationally certified manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products and services in Indonesia. We specialise in providing hygiene and sanitation services and solutions in the food, hospitality and mining industries.

We promote sustainable development and a keen awareness of green policy, laws and requirements. Through our Research and Development Department, we are able to constantly innovate, improve and optimise our products and services based on our Customers’ needs. We aim to provide our Customers with custom solutions to their problems. We are the partner you can trust in your cleaning and sanitation solutions.

Company Profile

Our company has a good qualification and trusted by our customers, PT VOSEN PRATITA KEMINDO is a national company dealing with chemical processing to produce sanitation cleaning product operating since the 1990’s

The founding of the company began with the certification by the public notary number 126 on Desember 18, 1995 and number 92 on May 16, 1997 legalized by Sinta Susikto, SH, public notary in Jakarta. Certification by Ministry of Law of the Republic of Indonesia was issued on September 8, 1997 numbered C2-9107.HT.01.01.th.97, which was published in the formal Berita Negara Republik Indonesia on November 20, 2001 numbered 93.

Motto, Vision, Mission


Value, Quality, Results, Services and Environment are our concern. With the emphasis on added value to our product, services, quality as a whole, optimum results, after-sale service and the effect toward the environment, we guarantee the satisfaction for customers of PT VOSEN PRATITA KEMINDO.



Provide perfected service for our Customers



  • The best in quality and environmentally friendly.
  • Quality services for our valued customers
  • Providing products that are environmentally friendly
  • Continuously educating the importance of hygiene and sanitation in all kinds of industry.

Our Team

Our Techno-Commercial Team is well versed in the diagnosis of solutions for our Customers. They are dedicated to identifying our Customer’s needs and conduct inspections and training sessions to further educate our Customers regarding cleaning and sanitation. We always strive to be your partner in cleaning and sanitation!